Up to $50,000 to deliver workshops to SMEs that help them to improve their performance through better access to new innovations, technologies, expertise, business networks and best practice.

About WIIN

Workshops, Industry Intelligence & Networking (WIIN) is a competitive small grants element of the broader Enterprise Connect (EC) initiative. WIIN helps businesses improve their performance by providing them with better access to new innovations, technologies, expertise and best practice.

These services are delivered in a range of ways, including (but not limited to):

  • seminars,
  • workshops,
  • information collateral,
  • demonstration projects aimed at accelerating technology/knowledge diffusion,
  • case studies,
  • best practice factory or industry visits,
  • networking events, and
  • bringing overseas industry experts to Australia for any or all of the above.


How to Apply for a WIIN Grant

All applications for WIIN funding must comprise two separate documents:

1.   WIIN Application Form which is available from the WIIN page at www.enterpriseconnect.gov.au, and

2.   Detailed proposal, which must include:

  • the identification of the activity’s target audience. Target audiences can be defined by industry sector, subsector or activity,
  • a detailed explanation/description of the activity which includes detail of the real examples and case studies relevant to the target audience and the outcomes for attendees,
  • a detailed explanation of why you are proposing to deliver the activity to this target audience,
  • the identification of collaboration partners who support the proposed activity and will assist with the promotion and/or delivery of the activity to the target audience,
  • a budget for the activity, which includes what (if any) financial or other support the applicant will contribute
  • an anticipated timeframe and proposed locations at which the activity will take place,
  • a description of the role (if any) that Enterprise Connect will be expected to play in promoting and/or conducting the activity,
  • a list of all (if any) previous grants received from federal, state or local government agencies in the last five years for the delivery of similar services. The list should include the name of the grant, purpose of the project, the name of the granting agency and the amount received, and
  • and a one page executive summary which briefly outlines;
    • the activity to be delivered,
    • the delivery format,
    • the activity’s key learning’s and outcomes for attendees, o target audience and the proposed number of firms who would attend, and o applicants professional coverage area, for example the Newcastle region or Western Victoria incorporating Geelong and Ballarat, o collaboration partners, and o proposed activity locations.
  • any other relevant information which would aid Enterprise Connect to judge the merits of the application If a proposal fails to include all of these elements it may be deemed to be uncompetitive and could be rejected. The proposal must contain enough detail to enable Enterprise Connect to assess the merits of the proposed activity against the WIIN criteria.  All WIIN activities are delivered free of charge.

WIIN Merit criteria

Enterprise Connect will assess the merits of each WIIN application against the following criteria:

  1. the extent to which the proposed activity will deliver relevant new knowledge and information which can be readily applied by attendees to improve the performance of their business,
  2. the extent to which the proposed activity will provide opportunities for firms to share ideas and develop more effective networks in addition to the natural opportunities provided by attending the activity, and
  3. the extent to which the applicant has demonstrated their experience in delivering or facilitating the successful delivery of similar activities to those proposed in their application.


WIIN Round Ten Themes

Following the completion of an internal review, WIIN will no longer be holding fixed period competitive grant rounds. WIIN Round 10 which had previously been scheduled to open on 7 May 2012 will not be held.

WIIN will be transitioning in 2012-13 to a more flexible funding model which will allow the delivery of a wider range of activities which will be better able to address the specific needs of Australian small and medium businesses.


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