Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants

Up to $2,000 is available from the Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants to improve the capability and capacity of rehabilitators to care for wildlife.

Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants

Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants

The Victorian Government’s Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants Program provides funding to support wildlife rehabilitators including shelter operators and foster carers, to purchase a range of equipment and infrastructure to assist with the operation of their facilities and to attend appropriate training.



The Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants program aims to help wildlife rehabilitators:

  • Increase their knowledge/skills in the care of wildlife
  • Improve their facilities to treat, house and rehabilitate wildlife for release
  • Improve the standard of wildlife care they provide for specialist species (e.g. raptors) or threatened species (e.g. brush tailed phascogales)



The 2016 grants are capped at $2,000 per applicant.

The amount granted may be less than this depending on the purpose for which it is to be used, the amount sought, the number of applications received and how well the application meets the assessment criteria.


Eligible Projects

If eligible, you can receive funding for:

  1. Education and training which may be competency based training delivered by a registered training organisation or any other approved training. N.B. these must be held within the grant period. Registration fees to the 2016 Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference are also eligible.
  2. General infrastructure and equipment to assist with the operation of wildlife facilities, e.g. build a wombat enclosure, buy an aviary; buy portable cages. It is a requirement that you provide a quote and design dimensions for any proposed enclosures to be constructed, to assist the Advisory Panel in determining the outcome of the application.
  3. Approved personal protective clothing and equipment (PPE) for wildlife rescue e.g. fire helmet, coveralls, boots, gloves.
  4. Other equipment relevant to wildlife rehabilitation (not including consumable items).
  5. Consumable items (capped at $500 as part of the $2000 maximum grant allocation), e.g. feed, petrol, veterinary fees and veterinary supplies.

Funding for other items (other than those excluded below) will also be considered by the Advisory Panel on merit.


Eligible Applicants

Wildlife rehabilitators in Victoria who:

  • hold a current permit as a shelter operator or foster carer for at least two (2) years;
  • no convictions for fraud or convictions under the Wildlife Act 1975 or the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 during the past ten years;
  • have submitted a Completion Statement for previous funding under this program.



Applications close 31 July 2018.


Media Release

The Andrews Labor Government is ensuring injured wildlife get the help they need, with a new online help tool and more than $171,000 in funding for rehabilitators.

Minister for Environment Lily D’Ambrosio today launched Help for Injured Wildlife, a new tool that connects Victorians with volunteers and professionals who can assist animals when they are in trouble.

The new online tool provides information about wildlife rehabilitators, rescue organisations and veterinarians in local areas who can care for the type of animal in need of help, such as a kangaroo or koala.

The tool is smartphone compatible and includes advice for first responders according to the type of animal and the injury it appears to have sustained.

Victoria has a network of authorised and dedicated volunteers who provide an essential service helping wildlife found in distress or pain.

To further support Victoria’s wildlife volunteers, 102 recipients will share in almost $170,000 as part of the latest round of the Labor Government’s Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants.

The Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants help with the costs associated with caring for Victoria’s diverse wildlife.

The program supports wildlife rehabilitators buy equipment and infrastructure to help with the operation of their facilities and to attend appropriate training.

Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants program has provided over $1.5 million to the state’s wildlife carers since 2008.

For more information on the Help for Injured Wildlife tool and Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants, visit wildlife.vic.gov.au.


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