Winter Innovation Festival Fund

Winter Innovation Festival Fund

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What is the Winter Innovation Festival Fund?

The Winter Innovation Festival Fund is an initiative that provides funding to individuals and organisations to design, develop and deliver an event as part of the ACT Winter Innovation Festival.



The Winter Innovation Festival is an election commitment announced by the Chief Minister on 23 September 2016. It will bring together creative thinkers, innovators and artists to generate and present original, mindful, purposeful and progressive ideas. It will take audiences to new aesthetic and intellectual terrains, introduces them to new creative forms, and will expand the profile of Canberra’s researchers, innovators, artists and creatives.

The Winter Innovation Festival Fund is available to innovators, artists, creatives, businesses, community organisations and researchers undertaking events and activities as part of the Winter Innovation Festival.

The round is looking to support activities that are uniquely Canberra and centre around its people and places. They should demonstrate creativity and innovation and support the city’s reputation as progressive and fostering inclusivity.



The primary objective of the Winter Innovation Festival Fund is to provide the opportunity for individuals, collectives, community groups or organisations to design, develop and deliver an event, event series or other activity for the Innovation Festival program.

The Winter Innovation Festival aims to:

  • Reflect Canberra’s identity, especially as the ‘Knowledge Capital’.
  • Foster collaboration between creatives, higher education institutions, researchers, and business.
  • Showcase artists and creatives from a wide range of disciplines and from a broad network of creators, arts organisations, venues, and spaces.
  • Elevate the profile of Canberran talent.
  • Highlight and support inclusive innovation.

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Winter Innovation Festival Fund



A budget of up to $200,000 is available for the Winter Innovation Festival Fund.

Applicants can apply for a maximum of $20,000 and a minimum of $5,000 in funding to any single application under the Innovation Festival Fund.


Eligible Projects

Funds will be used to support costs associated with the development and/or delivery of a Festival event, event series or other activity.

The following may be considered for funding under the Winter Innovation Festival Fund:

  • Event or Activity Development: encompasses support for further development of an event program or adding a new component to an existing program. This can include artist or staff fees or wages, costs of facilities, materials, research and resources.
  • Event or Activity Delivery: encompasses support for delivery costs or an event or program, including artist or staff fees and wages, production costs, venue or facility costs, materials, support for access and inclusion, hire of certain temporary infrastructure or equipment to support overall visitor experience or the safety of the event. 
  • Community Participation and Audience Development: includes initiatives that enhance community participation levels at an existing event or program during the Festival period. Can include participatory projects, community forums and targeted engagement, and support for access and inclusion.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • be a legally recognised entity
  • have a current public liability insurance coverage to a minimum level of $10 million
  • have an Australian business number (ABN)
  • ensure the ABN matches the entity name
  • be registered for goods and services tax (GST)
  • have up-to-date relevant compliance requirements.

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Winter Innovation Festival Fund



Applications close 12 February 2023.


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