Woodside Development Fund

$20 M is available for programs that focus on early childhood development.


Woodside Development Fund


Woodside will contribute at least A$20 million over ten years to the Woodside Development Fund, which is intended to support programs and organisations that focus on early childhood development.



Studies show that focusing on the learning, physical, social, emotional and cultural dimensions of childhood directly impact a person’s ability to achieve their potential throughout their life.  The Woodside Development Fund will target some of the core building blocks of childhood – such as personal safety, medical care, nutrition, literacy, numeracy and engaged learning– through programs that are carried out at an individual, family or community level. Within the core areas, specific issues will be selected and programs developed or supported.

The Fund is aligned with Woodside’s business approach of tackling challenges at their root cause. By improving outcomes in childhood, Fund projects will help to alleviate health, wellbeing, learning and social challenges that can occur later in life.


Eligible Projects

The Woodside Development Fund is intended to support early childhood projects, for children 0-8 years, that:

  • bring about meaningful, long-term positive change in communities;
  • build a sustainable workforce for the future; and
  • demonstrate impact through a shared monitoring and evaluation process.

Activities will complement the range of philanthropic and partnership activities funded through Woodside’s broader social investment program.

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