Woolworths Organic Growth Fund

Woolworths Organic Growth Fund

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What is the Woolworths Organic Growth Fund?

The Woolworths Organic Growth Fund is a program established by Woolworths to support investment in organic farming projects by eligible Australian farmers.



Woolworths Group Limited (Woolworths) has launched the $30 million Woolworths Organic Growth Fund to promote and support organic food production in Australia.

Funding will be made available to eligible Australian farmers to finance the purchase of organic farming assets and infrastructure and investment in new technology, research and development and other organic farming initiatives and activities. It will be distributed by the Fund in the form of financial grants issued directly by Woolworths (WOGF Grants) and interest-free loans issued by the Fund’s banking partner, Heritage Bank Limited (AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 240984) (Heritage) (WOGF Loans).



Interest-free loans will be offered to existing organic operations for land acquisition, new varieties, new facilities and equipment. These loans are also available for eligible Australian farmers who are ready to convert their conventional operations to organic production. The Woolworths Organic Growth Fund will also award financial grants for proposed projects with a higher risk profile or with longer payback. This may include research and development (R&D) or innovative organic fruit and vegetable production methods designed to boost supply in the medium to long term.

Each eligible applicant can apply for up to $500,000.

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Woolworths Organic Growth Fund

Eligible Projects

Funding from the Woolworths Organic Growth Fund is currently only available for organic fruit and vegetable farming projects.


Eligible Applicants

An applicant must be a person who:

  • has a registered Australian Business Number (ABN or ACN for companies);
  • has traded for a minimum of two years;
  • has provided Woolworths with financial statements for the two immediately preceding financial years;
  • has demonstrated to Woolworths that it has the commercial and technical expertise and the financial capacity to deliver the organic farming initiative or project for which funding is sought from the Fund;
  • operates a farm within in Australia;
  • if the applicant is a natural person, is resident in Australia; and
  • if the applicant is a company, is incorporated in Australia or, if not incorporated in Australia, carries on business in Australia and has either its central management and control in Australia or its voting power controlled by shareholders who are residents of Australia.



Applications close 30 November 2022


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