Workforce Training Innovation Fund

Up to $5M is available through the Workforce Training Innovation Fund to support training providers working with businesses to develop innovative new training programs and approaches.

Workforce Training Innovation Fund (WTIF)

Workforce Training Innovation Fund

The Workforce Training Innovation Fund provides grant funding for industry and training provider partnerships to develop and deliver innovative strategies for improving training outcomes and the relevance of training to industry.



The Victorian Government has implemented reforms to the training and TAFE system, Skills First, to improve the quality, stability and adaptability of the system and align it to industry needs, where ‘real training leads to real jobs’.

The Workforce Training Innovation Fund  is one of the targeted funding streams that will be delivered to support these reforms.



The objectives of the Workforce Training Innovation Fund are:

  • Improving the flexibility and responsiveness of the training and TAFE system in meeting industry skill-needs and business training requirements
  • Encouraging greater industry and employer partnerships with training providers and participation in workforce training and skill development
  • Contributing to broader economic productivity gains in future growth sectors, and/or workforce skill improvements
  • Supporting industry or business productivity improvement through training and TAFE system involvement in industry-based applied research.



Funding through Workforce Training Innovation Fund is available to projects of varying size, duration and complexity. Amounts for grants and seed funding are capped as follows:

  • a maximum of $5 million for grant funding proposals
  • a maximum of $50,000 for seed funding applications.


Eligible Projects

Workforce Training Innovation Fund grants will be provided to support partnership projects that align with one or more of the four fund categories:

  1. Future Growth Sectors – design of skills development approaches for new, emerging industries and Victorian Government priority sectors
  2. New training programs and methods – innovation in course development, product design and delivery in support of VET sector improvement
  3. Workforce Training and Skills Development – improving delivery of workplace skills to support business productivity
  4. Applied research – research solving ‘real-world’ industry and business productivity challenges, that leads to innovation in training product development, design and delivery.

Workforce Training Innovation Fund grants will be provided to support partnership projects that align with one or more of the fund categories, for example:

  • research partnerships between high-quality training providers and industry to solve practical business problems where skilling of workers is required
  • development and diffusion of new production and service models with businesses and across supply chains where workers also need new skills
  • developing enterprise-based training programs
  • developing new courses and delivery approaches to skill workers for emerging industries.


Eligible Applicants

Workforce Training Innovation Fund applicants must be part of a partnership (including Consortia) between:

  • Training providers delivering training in Victoria; and
  • Individual businesses, with a minimum three consecutive years ongoing trading in Victoria.

Partnerships must be clearly demonstrated in the Workforce Training Innovation Fund proposal.

Priority will be given to businesses in new and emerging industries and Victorian Government priority sectors.



Applications close 13 August 2018.


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