WorkSafe’s Prevention Fund

A funding to support initiatives in creating sustainable improvements in workplace health and safety.

WorkSafe's Prevention Fund


The WorkSafe’s Prevention Fund supports initiatives that create workplace change or provide information and education to improve workplace health and safety, or reduce knowledge gaps.

There are two categories of funding:

  • Workplace Change – proposals that develop and implement workplace initiatives creating safer workplaces through high level health and safety solutions that are sustainable in the long term.
  • Workplace Information and Education – proposals that address information and education gaps assisting long term sustainable change by providing cost effective, practical, accessible and customised information/education.



The WorkSafe Prevention Fund was established on 1 July 2007.  It does this by encouraging and supporting collaboration between organisations in projects that will create ongoing workplace solutions and/or inform and educate Victorian workers that address the biggest risks and protect the most vulnerable.



The objective for the funding program is to fund initiatives that target sectors which have traditionally been associated with high injury claims; so as to bring about the most beneficial outcome and optimum use of funds. Those Sectors and Hazards are:

Aged Care





Meat processing


Warehousing and storage

Dangerous machines

Health risks

  • Asbestos
  • Workers psychological health

Manual Handling/Lifting, lowering and shifting



The amount of funding will depend on factors such as, the size of the initiative, how much funding is available for the relevant financial year and how many other initiatives are granted funding.


Eligible Projects

Priority will be given to initiatives targeting Sectors and Hazards that WorkSafe has identified as having high risks, as well as initiatives that support vulnerable workers, and/or prevents fatalities and injuries where they occur most often.

In line with WorkSafe’s Strategy 2017, the Prevention Fund will consider initiatives that:

  • focus on WorkSafe’s priority areas; make a significant contribution to workplace health and safety for Victorians through the development and implementation of high level workplace health and safety solutions;
  • be innovative and create sustainable long term solutions to address the biggest risks and/or protect the most vulnerable;
  • provide a unique contribution to health and safety that has not previously been done;
  • makes a significant impact, that can be applied and implemented in a wider context to positively benefit as many workplaces and employees as possible;
  • give leadership in industry / sector best practice;
  • employ the Hierarchy of Control Measures i.e. Elimination, Substitution, Engineering or Administration;
  • engage, inform, and/or provide resources that support health and safety outcomes in industry sectors;
  • maximise opportunities to extend industry sectors beyond basic OHS obligations;
  • support partnerships and collaborations that build expertise and learning; and/or
  • exceed the statutory obligations that already exist in the normal course of carrying out business activities in the sector.


Eligible Applicants

The Prevention Fund is intended to support initiatives that focus on providing information and support to multiple workplaces, for example representative groups of employers or employees, academic institutions or other community support organisations.

Applicants must have the necessary expertise, resources and capacity to undertake, manage and evaluate the proposed initiative.



Applications are on an on-going basis.


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