Women’s Research Assistance Program (WRAP)

Women’s Research Assistance Program (WRAP)

The Women’s Research Assistance Program (WRAP) is a grant to support female scientists within Queensland-based research organisations to maintain their research when they are on maternity or adoption leave.



The Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland initiative focuses on growing the economy and creating jobs. This includes investing in science and innovation in order to:

  • build Queensland’s reputation and capacity to conduct innovative research and development
  • deliver new products and services for Queenslanders
  • establish new industries that will provide jobs for the future.

The Advance Queensland Women’s Research Assistance Program (WRAP) underpins this strategic objective by supporting women in maintaining their research momentum following approved maternity or adoption leave, and encouraging the retention of female researchers in their chosen profession in Queensland. This will be done through the provision of funding to employ another researcher, technician or research/laboratory assistant while the Primary Researcher is on maternity or adoption leave.

The WRAP is administered by the Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development and the Commonwealth Games (the department).



The program:

  • encourages Queensland-based female researchers to return to their research careers following maternity leave
  • ensures that the investment made in researchers and their research is maximised, by supporting continuity of research and career momentum
  • supports gender equity in research, where female researchers are under-represented in senior roles
  • fosters continued support through networking and mentoring opportunities for awardees beyond the period of maternity or adoption leave.



Funding of up to $26,000 (excluding GST) for eligible organisations, to contribute to employing a researcher or research/laboratory assistant to help maintain research progress during or immediately following a maternity break.

This comprises a maximum grant based on $1,000 per week of leave up to 26 weeks. A minimum leave period of 13 weeks applies.



Applications are invited from Queensland universities or publicly funded research institutes/ organisations based in Queensland that:

  • are registered for GST
  • have an Australian Business Number
  • have maternity and/or adoption leave programs for their staff
  • will provide a proportion of the funding as outlined in these guidelines under “Funding”.

The applicant organisation can apply for WRAP funding to support female researchers who:

  • are employed by the applicant organisation
  • are Australian citizens, or have Australian residency (permanent or temporary)
  • have a PhD research qualification
  • are commencing approved maternity or adoption leave on or after 1 January 2019
  • conduct research as all, or part, of their duties
  • intend to resume research duties following maternity/adoption leave.



The program is open continuously until the funding pool is exhausted, or until 31 December 2021 if the funds are not exhausted.


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