X-TEND WA Program

X-TEND WA Program 2023

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What is the X-TEND WA Program?

The X-TEND WA Program is a grant opportunity that provides funding to organisations to help them provide innovator and investor education programs to start-ups and entrepreneurs in Western Australia.



The X-TEND WA Program is a competitive grants program, funded under the New Industries Fund, which is designed to build capability and capacity within our innovation community.

The New Industries Fund X-TEND WA Program is part of the broader New Industries Fund, which was established by the Western Australian government in 2017 to support the development of new industries in the state. The Fund has a total of $16.7 million in funding available, which is being used to support a range of programs and initiatives aimed at promoting innovation and economic growth in Western Australia.

The X-TEND WA Program Round 4 includes a health and medical life sciences stream to encourage applications from service providers that can build capability in this industry.



Co-funding is available for up to $100,000 per successful application, with 1:1 co-investment preferred, but partial or non-matched applications must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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X-TEND WA Program

Eligible Projects

X-TEND WA Program provides organisations with funding to help them deliver innovator and/or investor educational programs to WA start-ups, emerging businesses and entrepreneurs.

Funding will be awarded to deliver activities in one or 2 of the following streams:

  • entrepreneurial education
  • investor education
  • health and life sciences capability building.

Activities may take the form of educational forums, workshops, mentoring and incubator and accelerator programs.


Eligible Applicants

Applicants must also meet the following criteria:

  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and/or Australian Company Number (ACN);
  • Have the business/organisation’s (including not-for-profits) registered business address in the State of Western Australia; or
  • be an Australian business/organisation not located in the State of Western Australia, that agrees to register a business address in the State of Western Australia.
  • Be made by a valid legal entity that can enter into a funding agreement with the Western Australian Government;
  • Be a solvent Western Australian based non-government organisation (business or not-for-profit);
  • Put forward a program proposal that aligns with one or two of the streams within the Scope of Activities, as indicated at Item 6 below;
  • Clearly explain how the proposal will contribute to job creation and economic diversification in Western Australian; and
  • Include a project plan that includes a timeline, deliverables, a clear and reasonable budget, resources, risks, IP management, stakeholder engagement and how impact/success will be measured.



Applications close 28 March 2023.

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X-TEND WA Program

More Information


Round 3 Recipients

  • VentureX HQ Pty Ltd – $75,000
  • Agristart Pty Ltd – $99,020
  • Atomic Sky Pty Ltd – $100,000
  • For Blue Pty Ltd – $75,000
  • Spacecubed Ventures Pty Ltd – $28,000


Round 2 Recipients

  • AgriStart
  • Triangle Equity Partners
  • Perth Angels
  • Meshpoints
  • University of Western Australia


Round 1 Recipients

  • Telethon Kids Institute
  • Atomic Sky Pty Ltd
  • Spacecubed
  • St Catherine’s College
  • Apps People
  • Impact Seed Pty Ltd

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