Up to $10,000 is available to help young farmers and farm workers grow their skills and invest in new technologies and business practices

young farmers scholarship program


Young Farmers Scholarship Program

The Young Farmers Scholarship Program, established by the Victorian Government, tailored to the professional needs of young farmers. It is designed to be flexible, to fit with the demands and ambitions of young farmers and farm workers.



The Young Farmers Scholarship Program aims to support young farmers and farm workers to build productive and profitable careers in agriculture.

The program will also provide ongoing opportunities for long-term networking and support through the Young Farmers Scholarship Alumni.



Young Farmers Scholarship Program will provide young farmers and those who work directly on farm with up to $5,000
(exclusive of GST) towards training or study (Upskill), backed by further funds (up to $5,000 exclusive of GST) to invest on-farm or in professional development (Invest), putting new skills into practice.


Eligible Projects

The funds can be used to meet the cost of study at a university, a registered training organisation, or another quality training provider approved through the application process.

Applications will be considered for any form of study or training, including professional short courses or workshops, as long as it:

    • involves a minimum of 16 contact hours (this may involve more than one course or workshop, and may be across multiple institutions or organisations, or offered online)


    • is delivered by a registered training organisation (RTO)


  • is delivered by any other reputable organisation approved through discussion with the Department.
    For examples of relevant organisations, contact the Young Farmer Scholarship Program coordinator

Fields of study must support the applicant to build a productive and profitable career in agriculture. Study or training in the areas of business planning and management, risk management and financial literacy are encouraged.


Eligible Applicants

Applicants must:

  1. Be aged 35 years or under at the time of the application close date.
  2. Be working in a farm business in Victoria at least three days per week for the past three months.
  3. Have at least two years of total experience on-farm
  4. Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident currently residing in Victoria.



Applications close 30 August 2017.


More Information

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  • Program Guidelines


Media Release

The Andrews Labor Government will provide funding  grants to help young farmers boost their skills and become better equipped to face the farming challenges and opportunities of the future.

Scholarships of up to $10,000 are available to farmers and farm workers under the age of 35 to help them boost development and career progression in the industry.

The funding consists of $5,000 towards study backed by a further $5,000 to invest on-farm or in professional development activities to help put new skills into practice.

The scholarship program is designed to be flexible  to fit in with the demands and ambitions of young farmers and farm workers.

Examples of eligible courses include a Diploma in Agriculture, Human Resources training, Business Management , a Diploma of Agribusiness Management and a range of on-farm technical training.

Young people with an interest in agriculture are also encouraged to contribute to the conversation that will help shape future programs and activities, supporting the development of our next generation of food and fibre producers.

More information about the Young Farmer Scholarship Program and the Young Farmers Ministerial Advisory Council is available at www.vic.gov.au/youngfarmers.

Applications  for the Young Farmers Scholarship Program close on 26 August, 2016.