Zero Emissions Vehicle Emerging Technologies

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What is the Zero Emissions Vehicle Emerging Technologies?

The Zero Emissions Vehicle Emerging Technologies (ZEVET) is a grant opportunity to support innovative technologies in electric vehicle charging.



The Victorian Government’s Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Roadmap, supported by a $100 million package of policies and programs will ensure Victoria is a leader in the adoption of ZEVs in Australia. The ZEV Roadmap enables the target of 50 per cent of all new light vehicle sales by 2030, and bolsters both the state’s economic recovery and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. 

Through the ZEV Roadmap the Victorian Government seeks to increase public awareness and promote uptake of ZEVs, including new technology demonstrations. The $19.21 million Acceleration of Zero Emissions Vehicle Adoption (AZEVA) Program is a key pillar in the ZEV Roadmap and seeks to accelerate the roll-out of public and fleet charging infrastructure across Victoria.

The Zero Emissions Vehicle Emerging Technologies (ZEVET) program supports pre-commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging technologies towards full commercialisation. Innovative EV charging technologies will support broader uptake of ZEVs.



The Zero Emissions Vehicle Emerging Technologies (ZEVET) will support projects that:

  • demonstrate a contribution in meeting Victoria’s 2030 target
  • build upon EV charging technologies to support the uptake of ZEVs
  • create project supply chains and local jobs, building skills, capabilities and services across each service area
  • where possible, utilise local content such as skills and services, to deliver the project
  • deliver community, economic and social benefit
  • where possible, support smart charging technology manufacturing, installation or maintenance opportunities within Victoria
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions to support Victoria’s legislated net-zero by 2050 emissions reduction target and the business’s own targets and strategies.

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Zero Emissions Vehicle Emerging Technologies


$3.18 million in grants is available, with no minimum or maximum grant amount per project.


Eligible Projects

The Zero Emissions Vehicle Emerging Technologies (ZEVET) will consider a range of innovative proposals through pilots, trials and demonstrations, which may include but are not limited to:

  • kerbside EV charging in high density areas, or areas with limited off-street parking 
  • EV smart charging that will optimise charging during off-peak periods or to maximise self-consumption of electricity generated by solar PV (the intention to make it more affordable for EV owners while also managing network demand which reduces energy costs for all Victorian consumers). 
  • trials of innovative EV charging technologies such as wireless charging and bidirectional charging, including vehicle to grid.

In addition to the requirements outlined in section 4 above, applicants will need to demonstrate that:

  • their project is building upon existing EV charging infrastructure technology or development of new EV charging infrastructure technology to support the uptake of ZEVs 
  • their project reduces barriers in Victorians transitioning to EVs
  • the physical infrastructure utilised has a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 7 or above
  • their project uses technology that has universal application. Whilst this is an innovative technologies program, ideally final solutions will adopt the relevant Australian and International standards and be applicable to EVs available within the Australian market.
  • a funding contribution has been secured (preferably a minimum 50 per cent funding contribution towards the project), or evidence of a plan to ensure a funding contribution towards the Project (e.g. financial statements/reports, letter of support)* (No projects will be fully funded under this Program). 
  • their project commences in June 2023 (DELWP may consider non-conforming project commencements).
  • their project is completed by June 2024.


Eligible Applicants

In addition to meeting the Program objectives, applicants:

  • must operate at premises in Victoria
  • must provide evidence of duration of operation, e.g. financial reports
  • must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) 
  • the lead applicant must be one of the following: 
  • a commercial-for-profit;  
  • not-for-profit entity;
  • community organisation;
  • Victorian-based university, research or training institution;
  • a public sector entity; or 
  • a Local Government body.

**Victorian State and Federal public service bodies will not be considered for funding.

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Zero Emissions Vehicle Emerging Technologies


Applications close 10 February 2023.


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